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A Little About Me

I am an avid runner, walker, roller skater, hooper and master hoop maker.  I became fascinated with the hoop as a child.  I still have my 'kid sized' hoop but it's only a keepsake from my childhood because of it's size.  I enjoy creating beautiful hoops and introducing people to hooping.  My Hoop journey started as a result of abdominal surgery.  Not fully satisfied with the results of surgery, I returned to the Hula Hoop as a means of strengthening my core muscles.  Little did I know how my life would be impacted by this 'circle'.  I've been blessed by forming friendships with some wonderful people in the hooping community.  I've been amazed by the incredibly talented individuals I've encountered and their willingness to share with me anything I might want to know.  They've taught me how to turn my dreams into a reality....and for that, I will always be grateful.  My mission is to give back and pay it forward. 

All of my hoops are 100% handcrafted by me.  I take a lot of pride in my work.  You can choose your favorite colors or let me create one for you.  Check out some of my hoops in the 'Buy A Hoop' section.  Don't see one you like?  I can customize one just for you.    If you would like for me to make a hoop for you, please contact me.