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1.  Size does matter.  It's important to make sure you have the correct size HOOP.

     The most common mistake people make is trying to use a kid-sized hoop.  The hoops you can buy at any

     kind of 'mart' are designed for kids.  Unless you are pint sized, these hoops will not work for you.  Not only

     are they too small in diameter, they are also too light weight.  Adults need an adult size hoop.

2.  To determine the correct size hoop for you, measure the distance from the floor to just above your belly button. 

     As a general rule, most adults will need a hoop about 40 inches in diameter.  The first thing I hear

     from people who have never seen an adult size hoop is, "OMG, that's a HUGE hoop!"  Yes, they are a lot

     larger than a kids hoop.  It's a matter of ratio, the bigger YOU are, the bigger your hoop should be.  Larger

     hoops rotate slower around the body making it easier to get it started and keep it spinning.  See size

       suggestions below.

3.  Place the hoop against the small of your back.  Stand with one foot a little in front of the other.  Give the

     hoop a good shove around your waist.  It will stay up by itself for the first couple of rotations.  To keep it

     spinning, shift your weight back and forth from one foot to the other.  A common misconception is that you

     need to move your hips in a circular motion with the hoop.  This only makes it more difficult.  Just keep 

     shifting your weight back and forth in a rocking motion and the hoop will stay up.

4.  Which direction should you hoop?  Usually, right handed people hoop to the left and left handed people

     will hoop to the right.  There are always exceptions to the rule.  I am left handed and I hoop to the left.  

     How will you know which way to hoop?  Try them both.  You will know in just a short time which direction

     feels comfortable to you.  It's really a good idea to learn to hoop in both directions even though it will feel

     strange to you at first.

5.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  You will drop your hoop while learning and that's okay.  It might take a

     while for you to get the hang of it so be patient.  Most of all, just have fun! is a wonderful website to find anything you want to know about hooping.  There are some great

videos and many useful tips. Check it out!